Why choose us

Redmonkey team brings you from app idea to launch. We cover the full cycle of product development and support

Relevant expertise

We have experience in your niche that we convert into developing a fast, user-friendly, and effective application

All experts in one team

No need to hire and manage multiple remote workers. We already have the best experts under one roof

Seamless communication

We assign a project manager to lead the development process and ensure timely communication

We strongly oppose generalized approaches. Our partners, operating in various verticals, face unique challenges that can only be addressed via industry-specific tools, without workarounds. With our enterprise application development services we’ll help you increase visibility, streamline business processes, enhance operational activity, modernize core, and push your company into state of permanent agility.

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redmonkey technologies and frameworks
Technology stack that we use in our work

Redmonkey is enterprise custom software development company, so we makes use of an extensive set of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools for projects of any scale and complexity.

.net Framework and .net Core
Ms SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
Google APIs and Microsoft Asuzre services
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js
ReactJs and React Native

Our services


Web App Development

Web development is the most affordable technology enabling you to cover both desktop and mobile device users with just one app. Extensive software testing enables us to create apps that fit all operating systems and the majority of current browsers. With the user-friendly frontend, solid backend, well-designed database you can provide your clients with the best service possible

Custom Software Development

We build apps that absolutely match the needs and business processes of the company. After carefully analyzing your internal processes we design a tailored solution that enables you to optimize the work, reduce expenses, increase sales. Digitalization is the main trend of the decade, so don’t miss a chance to bring your company to a new level and outplay your competitors.

Mobile App Development

We focus on cross-platform mobile app development since it’s the best way to cover the majority of mobile device users. React Native is our main tool to build one app for all popular platforms such as iOS and Android. Reasonable costs and exceptional quality of apps make React Native a primary option both for beginner businesses and established enterprises.

Hire Full Stack Developer

Got an on-site development team but still looking for an expert to join it? Stop your search and hire a full-stack developer remotely. Your advantage is clear: minimal expense for hiring, relocation, and onboarding. Each of our developers is bringing a relevant background in FinTech, TravelTech, E-commerce, and Logistics. Following the principles of the Agile (Scrum) approach, we offer trackable progress and exceptional productivity.

IT Consulting Services

You have decided to digitize your company. But where to start? What features are essential especially for your case? What integrations you shouldn’t miss? These questions are hard to answer if you are new to the industry. But our experts are ready to investigate your company operations and help you build a custom digitalization strategy. Take the most benefits out of IT services implementation.

Quality Assurance

The goal of software development is to build an application. The goal of software testing is to build a flawless, intuitive, and user-friendly application. So, if software quality is your central goal, don’t skip quality assurance. Using various tools and techniques, our QA engineers audit the app, check new functionality, evaluate the app’s frontend to ensure that the software works just as it is supposed to.

We have extensive experience in the following industries

Travel Tech

Attract millions of users with your new online service for travelers

Instant booking of flights, hotels, guided tours, etc.
Integration and synchronization with existing travel apps
Custom CRM to manage customer base

Fin Tech

Transform the industry with your brand-new FinTech solution
Banking apps for flawless user experience
Corporate software to manage internal processes
Personal bookkeeping, mobile banking appications
Pаyday lending platforn and loan organization platform

E-commerce and retail

Sell your products and services online to reach more clients
Online shop with custom functionality
Order and stock management systems
Easy checkout and integration with payment and delivery services

Logistics and Automotive

Enhance your transportation services with custom tech solutions
Real-time tracking of shipping time and conditions
Custom CRM/ERP to eliminate paperwork and automatization logistics

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